Anxiety Antidote Energy Alignment- Celebrant Special

The Anxiety Antidote

Virtual Energy Alignment Sessions to help stressed out ‘brides to be’ and savvy soulful celebrants to energetically shift panic, anxiety frustration & overwhelm fast.

This is the antidote to anxiety, the energetic alignment ‘soulution’ to stressful situations!

The Virus Void!
Right now we are indeed living through extraordinary unprecedented times. It’s a rapidly daily changing situation with extreme uncertainty. That can be a difficult place to be in.

Being pulled in too many directions, your plans unravelled, delays and postponement to your big day.
Now things have rapidly changed in just a few short weeks, your whole foundation is now being thrown into chaos, crisis and confusion and cancellation…. It can feel really scary…and devastating!

So now you are currently facing the prospect of an extended retreat from the comfort of your own home. It might feel scary, uncertain, and stressful in a different way.

You may currently be experiencing:
Anxiety & Worry
Feeling isolated, lonely, cut off
Concerned about financial stability
Having sleepless nights
Devastated your wedding has to be cancelled
Having irrational thoughts

 Introducing Burst the Bubbles of Resistance – The Anxiety Antidote
Is a 1 hour session to help you feel calmer, at peace in an a happier, loving state.
You can rapidly remove the resistant energy, emotions, thoughts and beliefs which currently create you feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness etc

Remember this time is an invitation to go inside, be with yourself, reconnect with your soul and sit with the silence. Make the time for yourselves, no excuses, no giving away your energy to others for this hour, it’s just for you!

Special Launch Rate for CSA Members and their clients –

Normally my sessions are offered for £99 each however I want to help as many people as possible so am offering this community a special launch rate

1 hour – £60 via a live private zoom video call.
You, Me, Real Results – You will feel better, more at ease and peace.
Calls can be recorded if you wish to watch it back.
Bonus – Comes with free Energy Alignment Charts to help you beyond the session (as pdfs)

 About Jacqui Tillyard
I am a qualified Energy Alignment Mentor. I’m is Intuitive, astute and able to spot and resolve the core of your issue fast.  
With over 20 years experience helping clients deal with stress, anxiety, grief and overwhelm. I offer a confidential, effective safe space for you to transform.
07747 471145

Payments via  or BACS transfer