Anxiety Antidote – The 1 Hour Soul-ution to Release Stress

Anxiety Antidote, releasing stress, anxiety overwhelm and fear in just 1 hour in 5 simple steps

Are you a Struggling Stressed career Gal right now? In search of more meaning to life?

Right Now if the new normal of a global pandemic which has called us all to halt and go within is starting to ‘get to you’ a little. I want to help you right now.
I help stressed, savvy career women get out of overwhelm, frustration & exhaustion in Just 1 hour with The Anxiety Antidote.
Just Me, You the video camera and real results of calm, centredness and certainty

Feeling: Stressed, disillusioned, frustrated, anxious, worried and heading for burn out?
Are you? Totally stressed feel like you are drowning in a sea of chaos? Struggling to switch off and sleep at night? Disappointed in yourself and others? Invisible because some ‘young gun’ thinks you are old! Has the spark gone from life?
Sick of ’attention-seeking’ egos?
Do you often ask:
“Is this it?” “Who stole the last 20 years of my life?”
Has a big glass of wine become a needed comfort when you get home each night?

Do you want?
To feel like you are back in charge, with a sense of purpose again
Feel fulfilled professionally & personally. Feel inspired and stress-less
Imagine no more putting up with, pushing, pretending No more panic.

Ready for change?
I offer Private mentor to help you beat stressful situations professionally & personally
Midlife Stress, Self Worth, Mindset Mayhem
Discover your authentic self and put meaning back into your life. Feel satisfied, successful, spiritually led.
Why me?
I get where you are at with your emotional dilemma
I’ve been there and bought the t-shirt (well the whole wardrobe!)
I’m savvy and sensible too.
I spot the core issue and solve it fast
I’m an energy shifting ninja, helping you lift the weight off your shoulders
I have a unique practical way to get you back on track
I’m a wise intuitive and effective mentor. My fresh perspective gets you clear, calm and energised (no crazy woo-woo either!)
I wear two business hats, as mentor and celebrant too
As a celebrant, I tell people’s life stories at funerals many are stories of regret, not achieving their dreams, lives often cut short.
You must lead your best life now so I don’t have to tell another tale of regret and remorse!
I am your voice of reason. You don’t need fixing, you’re just distracted now.
I know how you might be feeling, I’ve been there too.
Why Work with me?
I get that you might feel vulnerable about stress, afraid of being judged. Fear not, I am here to get you back on track; No nonsense, transforming you from a stressed-out mess into your calm self.

Intrigued? DM me, This is your virtual Bum Kick – I’m what you’ve been searching for!
My £99 Release Your Biggest Stress in 1 Hour gets straight to the heart of the problem and sorts it – done virtually, so you don’t even have to drive to see me saving you time and energy.