Energy Alignment Method Sessions with Jacqui Tillyard

Welcome to a new way of being – The Energy Alignment Method or EAM. It’s time to be in flow and aligned to what you really choose in life. Having The Energy Alignment Method sessions can help you to be able to release any resistant energy. This energy may be keeping you stuck in situations, places, relationships and health issues that are no longer serving you. Having used this technique myself for the past couple of years, I know the positive impact it can make to your life.

Benefits of the Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

The first step to success is to change what isn’t working, no more EXCUSES! Time to release it all.

The simple fact is everything on this planet is energy, yes even you! So in order to shift what isn’t working out for you, you need to shift your energy. When you focus on the negative in any area of our lives it results in you atrracting even more of what you don’t want. So if you could find something that would help to stop that, you’ve found it here!

If you have been looking for a simple method to release stuck thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, past lives, entities, that might be keeping you in situations that you find difficult, challenging or just plain boring. If you are ready to let this non serving energy go and move forward this could be a good time to experience EAM.

1000’s of people have benifited from EAM to make the change in their lives that they most desire.

Energy Alignment Method Sessions with Jacqui Tillyard

Use this simple technique to release those old energies. Start to enjoy a life that is more aligned to what you really want to attract into your life. Whether that is success, love, self belief, joy, fun, or something else. The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) can help you to achieve that. Its a simple technique that you can apply to your every day life.
I am one of the first 35 EAM Mentors in the World. We have worked using this technique extensively for the past two years and continue to use it as a daily self help tool to remain in energetic alignment.

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