The Sales ‘Seer’ – spotting hidden profits fast

The Soulful Sales Seer – Indentifying Sacred Sales for the Spiritual Entrepreneur –
Releasing the Resistance and Spotting the opportunities to add at least an extra 10k to your soulful business in 90 days or less

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  • Have you reached a plateau with your business?
  • Not coverting enough new ideal clients?
  • Your income isn’t growing at the rate you would like it to be?
  • Do you feel that you can’t keep up with social media?  
  • Do you feel awkward when it comes to selling?

How would it be if?

  • You knew how to to create and share ‘Souled out’ programmes
  • Easily find ‘Soulmate Clients’ who love what you do and will invest in you.
  • Enjoy making Sales from Serving these clients
  • Feel like selling was a Sacred Service to your clients

    jacqui tillyard the sales seer

    You Are A Soulful, Spiritual Entrepreneur BUT!………:

  • Your business is currently plateaued or not growing fast enough
  • Your feel stuck on how to generate more/steady stream of sales
  • Currently struggling to reach more of the right clients ready to buy what you offer
  • Sometimes selling scares you, it doesn’t come naturally to you
  • Lately sales have dropped off or you seem to be attracting time wasters and uncommitted clients
  • Can’t understand how your spiritual peers seem to be successful online, whilst you don’t seem to be able to crack it
  • You currently have ‘sales blind spots’ and can’t see past them
  • You believe it’s hard to grow your business without diversification
  • You can’t see the woods for the trees on why you have a lack of sales
  • You are starting to believe there is too much competition, nobody is buying, its the economy or some other bullshit story

As a result of all this you feel:

Fed Up
Awkward when it comes to selling
Unconfident about your offer and your prices
Unsure of what to do next
Afraid to raise your rates
Worried about getting rid of problem clients because you will lose the money from them too

 What you really want is:

An increase in aligned spiritual clients who love what you do and will pay well for it

A more flowing and easy way to sell to clients

Sold out programmes, masterclasses, workshops and retreats

Instinctively intuitively know how to magnetically attract clients and additional, sales with ease (without selling your soul to get there!)

Feel successful, fulfilled and abundant

Be properly financially rewarded for your efforts

Stop comparing yourself to others out there

  What I do with my clients

Jacqui Tillyard the Sales Seer
Jacqui Tillyard the Sales Seer

Spot the hidden opportunities in your business for more profitable sales
Show you how to create ‘The Sacred Sale” with your client
I will find at least 10k on the table in your business that you are currently missing out on

Find out exactly what is keeping you from reaching your ideal clients

Identify money / energy leaks in your business

Shift the energetic impasse that is currently preventing your success

Get you aligned to you, your belief, your service, your clients

Get the Divine Balance right to achieve increased sales

Spot where you are undercharging and over delivering

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My Process

“Seeing” intuitively and practically finding more sales opportunities for your business

Shifting energetic patterns, habits and beliefs that are stopping your sales process currently

Creating a sacred sales process which serves both you and your client

Enable you to create ‘souled out’ sessions and programms each time with raving fans

Release any resistance that is preventing your success in creating an increase in sales profits

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Message me to book your personal session, lets uncover those hidden profits and unlock your business growth in a smooth soulful selling way.