The Soul Wisdom Sessions

If you are intrigued on messages from the Universe, intuitive insight, valuable magical tools to apply to learn how to attract your desires naturally, The Soul Wisdom Sessions will help you. Check out my new online Channel on You Tube – Where there’s Wisdom.

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On the channel you will find:

  • Daily Soul Wisdom Session giving you insights and messages by Elemental Signs (Astrological Earth, Air, Fire and Water Signs)
  • How to shift your energetic impasses – releasing resistance in your energy field
  • Holistic and Magical Solutions to your Law of Atrraction dilemmas – Become a Magical Manifestor with ease
  • Education on those fascinating topics you always wanted to learn about like Law of Attraction, Understanding your soul urge, life purpose, your energy, beliefs, creating the life you want and desire, living a more conscious, higher vibrational life, affecting the planet for the great good, shining your light in the World.


  • There will be workshops and master classes on many of these topics including:

  • Holistic Energy Healing
  • Law of Atrraction and Manifesting
  • Mindset Work
  • Creating the right conscious mindset for better success
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • Tapping into your Higher Self
  • Accessing Accurate Tarot Oracle Guidance
  • Meditation
  • Connecting with your Divine Feminine
  • Angelic Guidance
  • Psychic Ability and messages from spirit
  • Chakra Energies
  • Crystals
  • Creating Magical Rituals for success
  • De-stressing naturally
  • The meaning of numbers in your life
  • Understanding your life purpose

I also offer a private programme to address Soul Wisdom Alignment click here for details

There will be a more in depth programme starting later this year covering the Soul Urges
 Soul Urge Type

Your Soul Urge Focus



Self Discovery Soul

Inner Work on You

Connected Soul

Love & Relationships

Grieving Soul

Bereavement and Loss

Vibrant Soul

Health and Wellbeing

Abundant Soul

Wealth & Prosperity

Gifted Soul

Business Creation

Evolving Soul

Spiritual Connection

Rebel Soul

Escaping the Matrix System

Expanded Soul

Creating Social Change

Jacqui Tillyard Creator of The Soul Wisdom Sessions
I will be sharing regular updates, launching Master Classes, Workshops and Offering Subscribers Special Events

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Jacqui has created the Soul Wisdom Sessions to give you insights