Removing Stress -Work with Jacqui Tillyard

Burst the Bubble of Stress

Discover more about releasing stress fast, click the link below for a short video explanation

Burst the Bubble of Stress Video

Imagine being able to release those feelings of frustration, stress and overwhelm
What if you could get that ONE BIG THING that’s keeping you awake at night off your mind FOR GOOD!

Good news, now you can!
With just 1 Hour of Focus with me online on a video call
So you don’t even need to commute to see me – Result!

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During our time together we will:

Unlock unconscious elements that are sabotaging your success and currently creating your feelings of frustration
Release the resistance around that area

These sessions are for Business leaders, owners and solopreneurs who feel stuck in:

Their work satisfaction
Their Overwhelm
Their Ideas
Their Motivation
The Pressure of Work
Results not being achieved

This session will:
Get past the blocks to your current frustration
Creat Ease
Give you Clarity
Make you feel like you lifted a weight off your shoulders
Give you focus and new direction

What you gain:

You get to know me better
You will see how fast I can get you a result
No messing, just 1 hour of pure focus on you
Cuts confusion

It’s 1 hour on zoom,
You, me, & results
Recording to review

Costs just £99 – a small price to pay for some intensive self care and stress removal

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