My Clients

Generally the client I love to work with is a career or solopreneur business woman who has reached that mid part of her life and starting to question stuff. In her head she feels like its constantly saying ‘Arghh’ with frustration. She is disillusioned with many areas of her life – work, clients, home, personal life, family, health, stress levels etc.

Currently facing what I term “The Void” That empty feeling you experience at this point in your life! You feel a bit of a misfit, that everything around you is a bit fake and inauthentic. You have lost meaning for yourself in general day to day life.

Generally she is saying things like:
Who stole the last 20 years of my life? Where did the time go?
Is this all there is to life?
What can I do to feel energised again?
I feel ‘a bit beige’ and rapidly becoming invisible
I know there has to be more to life and I intend to experience it, but how?

A Down Turn – Disappointment, Disillisoned, Drama, Doubt and Distraction!

She is bored with your ‘Hum drum’ routine. Probably numbing out on social media, chocolate and carbs (and rubbish tv) whilst sitting there criticising it!

She wants The Shift to a better way
To remove all that Critical Chaos
Deep down she would love to be Sensibly Spiritual – with Practical Woo- Woo
Maybe notice those Universal Nudges in the right direction but she doesn’t know how yet

She is also a bit scared of what your friends family and love ones will think if she came out as spiritual, yet it still intrigues her and she wants to discover more without looking too girly or stupid or tree huggy!

Well its tiime to Wake Up and its also more importantly time for sacred self care

You see here is that AhA moment – Everything is dependent on your Energy

Alignment when you are out and then in
Emotions – feelings nothing more than feelings
Youre free to consciously get creative
Learning to trust yourself and connect with the bigger force

Discover your aligned divines align to be an inflow female – your invitation – the next steps
• Remembering your soul origin
• Rise once again
Know You ARE enough already!

Its Time for Your Transformation

butterfly of transformationSurrender the attachment to outcomes and expectations
• Power and focus of feminine intention
Review and Realise
• Breaking the ties that bind now
• Release resistance
• Remember
• Reconnect
• Realign

When you realign your energy , you finally realise that Aha moment and its all going to be alright again, that inner wise woman can emerge once again.