Who is Jacqui

Jacqui Tillyard – Creator of the Soul Wisdom Sessions and The Sales Seer Programme.

Savvy, Wise Intuitive Mentor helping you release resistance, add meaning to your life and reconnect to your soul urge.

Jacqui Tillyard EAM Mentor

Jacqui is a mentor with a whole raft of experience and mentoring expertise.  Jacqui works with a global audience sharing spiritual insights, intuitive messages and guidance. She work to enable clients to shift resistance in their energy field by aligning to higher frequency fulfilled life.

She is a wise, intuitive, and astute mentor. She is able to help you to shift your energetic vibration to be more in flow with life. You cand attract better, happier and more loving experiences. She has the innate knack of getting to the heart of the issue. She will help you to stop creating the resistant energy that is causing your problems. She has a ‘no nonsense’ approach so you obtain better results faster.

Sessions with her can help you to remove resistant energy quickly, without trauma. So you can be more of who you were really meant to be.

Her easy going, friendly but no nonsense style will enable and empower you to make the energetic changes necessary for you. She will hold the space for you to transform your energy at your capacity.

She offers a very Practical way of addressing what could be conceived as’ Woo-Woo’ . This sensible woman helps you to access no nonsense proven approaches which will allow you the ‘Secret Spiritual Seeker’ to make your first proper steps into the personal development world without even hugging a tree or going on a mad retreat.

Based in the UK, Jacqui is an experienced energy and business mentor, trainer and holistic practitioner and has a wide knowledge of energy and mindset techniques to help you be the best you can be. Prior to her spiritual career, Jacqui worked in corporate sales and has amassed a huge range of knowledge and expertises along the way.

She offers the following:
  • Private one to one virtual sessions and small workshops on a range of estoeric topics.
    She works with people to release energy around bereavement, relationships, stress and business challenges.
  • Jacqui also runs her own You Tube Channel Where there’s Wisdom for the Soul Wisdom Sessions, Daily intuitive insights to help you on your soul path.
Other Services
  • Jacqui also mentors spiritual entrepreneurs who want to hone their sacred sales skills and as the Sales Seer, she can spot hidden opportunities to increase your business profits and have ‘Souled Out’ programmes .
  • Locally she works as an independent celebrant. She works with people to create and conduct personalised life event celebrations. these include funerals, weddings, vow renewals, baby namings etc. for more info click here  
  • Jacqui is the creator of The Soul Wisdom Sessions. This is both a personal development programme and a daily online video insight to enable savvy soulpreneurs to get unstuck, reconnect with their High frequency Divine Feminine energy.
Spiritually and Professionally Qualified

As a Qualified CiviI Celebrant, EAM Mentor, NLP Master Trainer, Reiki Master, Holistic Practitioner and business mentor. She has spoken at many events to 1000’s of people and been featured on local BBC radio and TV.

She has co-authored a book – Grow Your Own Networks. She has also assisted several 1000 business owners to improve their business and their mindset.

Jacqui has a background as a successful award winning corporate sales manager. She understands the challenges of working in a stressful, unbalanced, crazy patriarchal system. Somehow she was able to win using feminine power.

Her mission is to encourage women to embrace their divine feminine energy. To come forward  and be catalysts in creating the new paradigm in the World.

Most people describe her as wise, inspiring, intuitive, funny and charismatic. She has a fantastic reputation for aligning her clients. They embrace and celebrate change once craved in their lives. They have finally addressed the inner and outer work required to shift.

As a Civil Celebrant , she regularly creates and delivers bespoke funeral or Life Celebration ceremonies, working with the energy of the mourners and the deceased.

Jacqui says “I really dislike reading eulogies at funerals. Many people have lived a life of regret. So I encourage my clients to do all the things they desire before I may have to write their ceremony!”

Her ethos, Get into flow, shift the resistance. Align to fun, high vibe activity and success. Learn to embrace your inner intuitive success goddess. It’s your turn to get illuminated and be brilliant!