Wake up Your Inner Wise Woman

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Before you get to be Inflow, there is Out of Flow!

Wake up Your Inner Wise Woman-
An In-flow Female knows just how to discover her Inner Divine-ness

You know when you have come to that stage in your life when its not quite what you want or expected? When it’s not working out for you anymore!

Perhaps you are experiencing one of these?

 The Void – The emptiness, the part of you that feels missing, now what, who stole the last 25 years of my life, hate the job want to start the biz on my terms

The Yearning – that one thing, the longing, the regret if you don’t get it done now

The Panic – OMG I’m getting old, who stole my looks, health, empty next syndrome, life is running away – time goes fast. Being beige!

The Set Back – separation, divorce, illness, redundancy,or worse

The Shock – death, divorce, illness, extreme circumstance changes

You feel like:

  • There is a missing link
  • You’re missing out
  • You no longer fit in
  • There is an undefined urge within You

You want to unleash your inner divine source-ress, Make magic occur and Wake up the wise woman within.

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Well you can! Learn how to be SASSY
Soulful, authentic, shifting, spiritual You

Shift, align, to a soulful, spiritual you.

If you are at a crisis in your life and everything feels a bit ‘arghh’ its time to turn it around and have a bit of an ‘AHA’ moment instead. Once you have this you can re-align yourself so you feel more ahhhh than Arghh.

This is a one to one programme for women like you who would like some personal, practical support to release resistant energy and realign to become an inflow female, aligned to your feminine divine power so you can just ‘be’ in life and receive all the good things you truly deserve.

Quit the struggle, stress, push , frustration and overwhelm, leave the extreme ego activities behind and let life flow instead.

The Inner Wise Woman

  • Aligns to her highest good
  • Raises her energetic frequency to fabulous
  • Fills herself up First with daily rewards and ritual
  • Understands the importance of pleasure
  • Remembers and steps into her divine energy
  • Defines her own boundaries and sticks to them
  • Creates opportunity by being and surrendering
  • Allows herself to receive
  • Uses her intuition and her intelligence
  • Is kind, conscious and caring
  • Enables others to be their best
  • Is a natural attractor
  • Feels her way into situations
  • Forgives and moves on
  • Is free to choose at any moment
  • Radiates and exudes sensual and sassy
  • Creates the space for Divine masculine to show up
  • She is confident, assured, a creator, magical,

She is me, she is you , she is the woman bold enough to surrender her struggle and step into her inner divine-ness , her beautiful brilliance and her natural influence.

Inner Wise Woman, creates change for the better. Her time is NOW!